Hi, readers!

This is the post excerpt.

You’re looking good, readers — have you been working out? Now that the 21st Century is old enough to buy lottery tickets, I’m getting on board and learning to communicate with you via website. But I warn you, it’ll take a while for me to set it up properly. My first effort involved locating a vintage typewriter logo, uploading it, pasting it in twice and then erasing both images. Good to have you here so don’t go away. Just make yourselves at home. The rest room is the first door on the right and the cookie jar is on the kitchen table.


Author: famewalker

Loretta Wish is a novelist, essayist, playwright, musician and writer of print and online columns and feature stories. A former newspaper reporter and government communications writer, she is now a freelance writer/editor and plays guitar in a classic rock band. A devotee of old movies and TV, she hopes that in the next life Eve Arden will star in her biopic. Unless Thelma Ritter is already attached to the project.

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