Loretta Bolger Wish has had a lifelong addiction to writing, reading and music. A former newspaper reporter, she has also written textbooks, grants, government documents, public relations material and reference books during her career as a civil servant and writer for hire.

Currently she’s a freelance writer and editor whose work includes fiction, essays, songs, poetry, Huffington Post articles and the film blog Hollywood Castaway. But she’ll tackle nearly any other type of material in the name of fun, creative growth, worthy causes or bar bets. She also writes and sometimes performs in plays and monologues, and her work has been featured in several readings and theater festivals

A Jersey shore resident, she enjoys traveling, is a guitarist and vocalist in a classic rock band and moderates the Writers Room at the Princeton Public Library. She has enjoyed more than two dozen screenings of Gone with the Wind and read the book even more frequently, including once aloud to her long-suffering husband Fred on a road trip.

Loretta’s a devotee of old movies and, like any Jersey girl, high-quality pizza; in a pinch she’ll settle for high-quality movies and old pizza. In her next life, she hopes Eve Arden will star in her film bio unless Bette Davis has already purchased the story rights. Or Thelma Ritter has been attached to the project.

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