Bumpy Night on the Walk of Fame

After Bette Davis posthumously founds a film museum in her home town, the Producer-on-High fulfills her dream of starring in Gone with the Wind. Bette has no idea how playing Scarlett O’Hara will disrupt her career–and world history. Ronald Reagan will win two Oscars yet never be President while John Kennedy marries Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe becomes a sitcom legend. The reboot plays havoc with curator Dana Foster’s exhibits and replica Walk of Fame, and it turns film diva Patrice Clark into a nobody just as she’s being honored by the museum. The women form an uneasy alliance to unravel the mystery before the ceremony. Meanwhile, Bette takes a bumpy ride through time to see favorite film roles elude her and her onetime husband marry another. When Patrice and Dana’s investigation stalls, Bette makes a cameo on earth to help and the trio learns lessons about film, fate and roads not taken.

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